Not just any trucker can handle a tanker.

It takes a special breed to safely haul bulk chemicals on an interstate highway or a city street. But as with all things, big challenges come with big rewards.

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In the trucking industry, a unique group of drivers exists, the Tanker Drivers. They take great pride in the fact that not just any driver can safely haul bulk chemicals on the interstates, highways, and city streets of our nation. 

As for skills, it most definitely requires an exceptional set to safely load and unload a tanker successfully. Tanker Drivers remain part of an elite group that appreciates the freedom ,while thriving on the challenges that present themselves, on the road each and every day…Are you up to the challenge?  It's your MOVE!


Miller Transporters, Inc. is a third-generation family-owned company that has been in business since 1942. We specialize in the hauling of bulk liquid chemicals and are recognized as an industry leader in safety and service year after year. Our reputation for being one of the top carriers is a direct reflection on our drivers and their hard work.

When you decide to call Miller Transporters, Inc. “home”, you will be a part of a team with a solid history and a clear vision for the future. You do not want to trust your career to just any carrier, you want a proven leader like Miller Transporters


Why Choose Miller?

Charles Gaines

Charles Gaines

Contractor since 1998

Having been a professional driver for over 20 years, it is safe to say that Charles Gaines knows a lot about the trucking industry. Charles also knows a good thing when he sees it. Living in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Charles often would see Miller Transporters trucks on the road as well as frequently run into Miller drivers. “I would pass by their trucks a lot, and I always heard good things about them from other drivers…so driving for Miller seemed like a good opportunity,” explains Charles. To this day, Charles is happy that his initial instincts about Miller were correct. There is not a day that he would trade the decision he made to make the “good move” to Miller.

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Willie Hill

Willie Hill

Company Driver with Miller Transporters since 1983

It is quite rare for someone to work for the same company for ten, or even twenty years. Working for the same company for as many as Willie has is even less common. It takes a dedicated, driven individual to accomplish such a feat. For Miller Transporters Company Driver Willie Hill, it’s a simple explanation as to why he’s remained with Miller since 1983. “When you work for a good company, you don’t want to leave. They have been good to me. Almost my whole career has been with Miller,” explains Willie.

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